• ……..Does not matter what the problem?

    ……..You will find a solution under the HMC umbrella

  • ……..Does not matter what the problem?

    ……..You will find a solution under the HMC umbrella

  • Does not matter what the problem?

    ……..You will find a solution under the HMC umbrella

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HMC Cognizance was established in 2004, as Hammersmith Management College, and has a proven track record of offering main stream education to learners from different back grounds and locations. As an experienced provider of international education, HMC Cognizance is now at your service to offer you short courses and training, as well as consulting and advice in the Education sector. We are truly proud of our team of academic and business experts who challenge the existing approach and prescribe innovative solutions. It is their creative thinking and practical support that sets us apart from the crowd. Our team will devise delivery methods for you which reduce costs and improve service 

We have a team of well trained staff in various locations who will be delighted to listen to your initial query and point you in the right direction.

Education Management Solutions
 imgHMC offers……..

Short courses at various academic levels 

Educational strategies and service models that will improve quality

Client focussed training for individuals and companies 

ICT services to the education sector and regulatory authorities


……… Intelligent solutions for your problems



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HMC Team
  • Derek Shields is an international specialist in education…
  • Eleanor Pritchard specialises in management and delivery of complex, multi-site education…
  • Ian Fleming has a background in senior education management…
  • Veronica Windmill years of experience in supporting individuals and teams to improve performance…

"Trainer's good method of training/presentation enabled me to to understand the topic easily. He made the trainees relate the course content to their job experience and that I found commendable"
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